Pet Insurance.

  • Pet insurance is a wise investment. Owners need to consider whether they can afford the best treatment option for their pet in the event of an emergency involving injury or illness. Your own vet may recommend referral to a specialist, and investigation and treatment at a referral centre may cost several thousand pounds. Here is a list of the main factors to consider when choosing pet insurance:
  • Lifelong Cover i.e Veterinary cover until the end of life.
  • Continous Cover for a specific condition: This type of cover guarantees cover for a condition year after year. There is usually a financial limit per year or in total. An easy way to ascertain this is to ask the insurer if your pet would be covered continually for a chronic condition e.g diabeties.

  • Excess typically £50 – £100 per condition: This is the amount which you must pay before the insurer becomes liable for a cost of investigation of treatment.

  • Heredity and congenital conditions: Check that your insurance policy does not exclude conditions common in your breed of cat or dog.

  • Amount of cover: Depends on your financial circumstances. At referral centres a medical investigation or surgical procedure can typically carry a financial bill of three thousand pounds.

  • Third party cover: If your dog is involved in a road traffic accident, the owner may be liable for costs involving vehicle repairs or injury to the driver.

 *   DO NOT CHANGE YOUR INSURER without giving this careful consideration. A new insurer will NOT COVER any condition which arose prior to the onset of their cover.  *

It is important to choose the insurer carefully as the policy will be in place for all of your pets life.

Making a Claim.

First contact the insurer for a claim form. This may be available by e-mail or download. The owner normally has a section of the claim form to complete. Your vet surgery will complete the remaining section, which will be accompanied by a full clinical history report. We shall then return the completed form to you. There is an administration fee of £5.00 to cover the costs and we ask to allow 14 working days for completion of your claim form.

We do not usually claim our clients’ fees from insurers. Most insurers will not discuss financial matters related to a claim with the pet’s vet surgeon as the vet is not deemed to be the insurers customer.