All fees are due for payment at the time of the consultation or when your pet is discharged after an in-house procedure. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case and the procedures that have been carried out, along with the drugs, materials, and diets used. Details of our fees are available on request and a detailed invoice will be provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction.


Estimates of Treatment Costs

We will happily provide an estimate for the costs of a course of treatment or procedure. Please bear in mind that any estimate given can only be approximate – the investigation of an animal’s illness may involve further procedures or testing not included in the original estimate. We advise you of on going cost/treatment if your pet is hospitalised for an extended period of time. Please be aware that an initial estimate may only be for initial hospitalisation and treatment.


Methods of Payment

We will accept cash, cheque, credit or debit cards with the exception of American Express.


Settlement Terms

Should an account not be settled at the time of treatment, we will issue a monthly invoice which will be sent to you by post. Should it be necessary to continue sending debt letters we will add a 30% administration fee at the 3rd debt letter. If the account remains unsettled, the debt will be referred to a Debt Collection Agency or Small Claims Court.