Post dental instructions

Your pet has had an anaesthetic, to ensure a full and complete recovery please observe the following;

  • When you get your pet home, you should keep them warm, quiet and comfortable and do not allow children or other pets to excite him/her. Pets will not be returned home unless they can walk, however they will be a little unsteady and this may take up to 24 hours to disappear.
  • If your pet wants to eat when they get home they can have a light soft meal, as they may still be feeling sick from the general anaesthetic. If your pet has not eaten within the first 24 hours then please phone the surgery.
  • If your pet has had any extractions their gums may bleed slightly during the first 24 hours, This is not uncommon but should not be excessive.. They will need to be fed soft food for the following five days as it may be uncomfortable for them to eat hard food.
  • In most cases, a small area on the foreleg will have been clipped. This is in order to place an intravenous catheter to aid the vet in giving an anaesthetic directly into the bloodstream to ensure he falls asleep quickly and pleasantly. The hair will normally grow back in 6-8 weeks.
  • If you are unable to give the prescribed medication please contact the surgery for advice.
  • We would appreciate if you could give us a phone call on the following  day for a preliminary update on your pet.
  • All cats should be kept in for 24 hours after their dental and dogs should have limited access to outside.