Before buying a puppy, you should consider these factors…

1. Cost- can I afford this commitment?

Remember the average lifespan of a dog is 12 years and you need to be prepared to provide a good quality diet, veterinary care, insurance and in certain breeds, regular visits to the grooming parlour. If you work long hours, you may need the services of a dog walker. Also remember that your dog will need to be looked after when you’re on holidays abroad. Kennelling fees can be costly especially for multiple pets.

2. Do I have the time?

Puppies demand a lot of time. Attention and playtime are important in early development and socialisation. It is advisable to attend a reputable training class in your area in order to prevent behavioural problems in the future. As the pup develops its exercise demands will increase depending on breed and athleticism.

3. Accommodating a new puppy in your daily schedule-

Puppies cannot be left unattended in your home for more than a few hours. If you work long hours, you will need to organise someone feed and allow puppy to toilet and exercise regularly throughout the day.