Following your pets anaesthetic, to ensure a full and complete recovery please observe the following;

  • When your pet returns home, you should keep them warm, quiet and comfortable and do not allow children or other pets to excite him/her. Pets will not be leave the surgery unless they can walk adequately. However they will be a little unsteady and this may take up to 24 hours to disappear.
  • If your pet has had surgery there will be an incision at the site of the operation. Remember that this area can be painful so avoid handling unless instructed to. Please check surgical wounds daily, if possible. Report any swelling, excessive discharge/bleeding or loss of stitches to the surgery.
  • Your pet may feel nauseous post anaesthesia. Offer them a light meal such as chicken and pasta or rice. If your pet has not eaten by the next morning then please report this to us when you call the surgery with an update on the following morning.
  • In most cases, a small area on the foreleg will have been clipped. This is where we place an intravenous catheter to administer an anaesthetic. The hair will normally grow back in 6-8 weeks.
  • It is important to remember to restrict any exercise until sutures have been removed. Cats with suture wounds should be restricted to the house until the sutures are removed. Dogs should be given short lead exercise only until their sutures are removed.
  • Do not let your pet interfere with the wound as this may cause infection/suture removal and delay wound healing.