Your pet has had an anaesthetic, to ensure a full and complete recovery please observe the following;

  • When you get your pet home, you should keep them warm, quiet and comfortable and do not allow children or other pets to excite him/her. Pets will not be returned home unless they can walk, however they will be a little unsteady and they may take up to 24 hours for the general anaesthetic to wear off.
  • If your pet has had surgery there will usually be an incision at the site of the operation. Remember that this area can be painful so avoid handling unless instructed to do so. Please check surgical wounds daily, if possible. Report any swelling, excessive discharge/bleeding or loss of stitches.
  • When your pet gets home they should be given food straight away. You should supply normal food and favourite tit bits, this is very important for your pet as some species can have a gut stasis (this is when the digestive tract can start to shut down). This can be detrimental for recovery. If your pet is not eating you can syringe feed small amounts of baby food. If your pet has not eaten within the first 24 hours then please phone the surgery.
  • Keep your pets housing clean and remove soiled areas daily so this does not interfere with the wound healing. Avoid loose shavings as this may stick to the wound.
  • Do not let your pet interfere with the wound as this may cause infection/suture removal and delay wound healing. It is quite common for rabbits to pull out sutures, so keep a daily check of the wound.
  • If you are unable to give the prescribed medication please contact the surgery for advice.
  • We would appreciate if you could give us a phone the day after for a preliminary update on your pet.