If your pet has a dressing/bandage on then please follow these instructions

  • It is extremely important that you keep all dressings dry. It is best to restrict exercise as much as possible while the bandage is on, however if you are taking your dog outside, ensure that you cover dressings with a plastic bag or the drip bags we provide. Do not leave the plastic bag on for long periods. Remove when pet is indoors.
  • If your pet has a cut pad, ensure to take them a walk on a smooth surface as the rough ground may be sore for them to walk on.
  • Check the position of the bandage. Take a good look at the bandage position/size etc. when your dog leaves the surgery. Bandages can slip down or move. This causes other problems such as chafing, rubbing and general discomfort. It is important to keep your pet from jumping or playing as this may harm the healing process. Ensure that your pet does not chew dressing. If the dog is chewing please call the vets and we can arrange a buster collar to prevent damage to the dressing.
  • Report any damage, this includes any moisture, swelling, chafing, discharge or smell from the dressing to the surgery.
  • Dressings should only be on for a maximum of 3 – 4 days, unless otherwise advised by the vet, so please remember to schedule a dressing/bandage change.

Other advice:

  • If you are unable to give the prescribed medication, please contact the surgery for advice.
  • If your pet seems extremely distressed with the dressing, please call the surgery.